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Turn Idle Assets into Working Cash with Encore Asset Recovery.

Let Encore Asset Recovery help you sell surplus equipment or excess inventory and add to your bottom line.

Five reasons to use Encore’s business services:

Experience You Can Trust: Encore has over 6 years experience selling on eBay. Our credibility, experience and national reputation lets buyers purchase with confidence.

A Full Service Solution:Encore can reduce your overhead costs while you focus on your core business. We sell virtually any size product lots, especially quantities that are too small for national online and retail store liquidators.

Multiple Sales Strategies: Our consultants will help you decide whether single-item or lot sales, in a fixed-price or auction format, will best maximize your product’s value.

Higher Recovery Values: In the efficient online marketplace, your items are exposed to millions of potential customers, rather than just a local market with a limited number of buyers. Our experienced team of copywriters and photographers effectively showcase your products to further optimize cost recovery.

Discreet Merchandise Disposal: Selling direct to consumers, rather than through liquidators or jobbers, avoids channel conflicts and protects your brand and customer relationships. And because your business name does not appear in your online listings, you can sell excess inventory discreetly and independently of your full-priced products.

Are you upgrading your office or industrial equipment? When you replace still-serviceable equipment, don’t just store it away–turn it into cash.

Do you need to dispose of returned goods? You can’t sell them as new, but there is an enormous market for “almost new” items online.

Is the new season coming up? You need to clear out last season’s remaining inventory. Why have an end-of-season clearance sale for pennies on the dollar when there is still ample demand for last season’s goods online?

Are you unsure how to sell online? You could have exposure to a global marketplace but many businesspeople have neither the know-how, time, money or interest in doing it on their own.

Encore Online Resale is the easy way to sell on eBay: Encore offers local, customized, turnkey e-commerce services that can enhance the profitability of your business. We specialize in helping local retailers and small manufacturers that have excess merchandise in product lots too small or logistically inefficient to sell through national merchandise liquidators. We will:

  • Handle any size lot of merchandise – large or small.
  • Collect and inventory your items – we’re in your neighborhood, so it’s easy to drop off your excess inventory at one of our stores, or we can pick up the items from your business.
  • Create the eBay listings – we professionally photograph and write listings for your merchandise, and send you a link to the online sale so you can watch the action.
  • Handle all customer service – we handle all customer inquiries during the sales process, and then collect payment from the buyer. Your company is never disclosed as the seller, to help protect your existing sales channels and price points.
  • Pack and ship your items – after an item sells, we professionally handle all packing and shipping.
  • Handle customer returns – we handle any customer returns, which may be re-listed for sale if you wish.

Encore can sell almost any type of merchandise:

electronics, computers, office supplies

Office Equipment | Power Tools & Hardware | Vehicle Parts & Accessories | Housewares, Bed & Bath Goods | Apparel, Shoes & Accessories | Electronics & Computers | Jewelry & Watches | Sporting Goods | Toys