Frequently Asked Questions

Turn your unwanted and unused items into cash.

What does it cost to sell my stuff with Encore?

In most cases, we charge you nothing to sell your item. After your item sells, we deduct our commission, which covers any market and payment processing fees (e.g. Amazon, eBay, Paypal) before sending you a check for the balance, which will generally amount to 50-55% of the selling price. (In contrast, traditional consignment stores usually give the seller only 40-50%.)

Our commission is based on the selling price of the item and the method used. For open, no-reserve eBay auctions, the cost is 45% of the first $1000 and 40% of any amount over $1000. 30-day Fixed Price options are also available on multiple markets. Commission rate is 50% of the first $1000 and 45% of any amount over that. For full details, email us, call us, or stop by and pick up a copy of the rate sheet in our store.

Why shouldn’t I sell it myself?

You could…just as you could paint your own house, or draft your own will. But most people know that they’ll get a better quality result if they hire an expert with the right tools, training, expertise, and reputation. Encore Online Resale is Michigan’s expert in online consignment sales:

Our trained researchers can appraise your item while you’re in the store, so you know whether your item is likely to sell, and at what price.

Our professional photographers have the right cameras, lighting, backdrops, settings and editing software to visually showcase your item to its best advantage.

Our expert copywriters maximize your item’s exposure by discovering the best categories in which to list your item and using the key words that are most likely to match a prospective buyer’s online search.

Our customer service representatives promptly answer questions from prospective buyers to ensure that they have the information they need to bid with confidence on your item. They also have the experience to avoid phony bidders and online scams.

Our shippers carefully pack and ship your item so that it arrives promptly and in good condition, minimizing returns.

Our high feedback rating makes buyers more likely to bid on our auctions rather than auctions run by individuals. Many items we sell end at a value 30-40% higher than comparable items sold by private individuals–completely offsetting most of our commission.

For how long do you list my item for sale?

Based on our research, Encore uses the most appropriate markets and listing types to maximize the value of your item. eBay auctions typically run 7 days. Longer 30-day Fixed Price (Buy It Now / Best Offer) options are also available on multiple markets (eBay, Amazon, Bonanza, etc). This method works well for high-value items that need longer on the market to find the right buyer. We will keep items for as long as we think there might be buyer interest, adjusting the price gradually to meet buyer demand.

Can I watch my sale while it’s in progress?

Yes–that’s part of the fun! When we launch your listing, we’ll send you an email with a link so you can follow the action.

What if my item doesn’t sell during the initial listing period?

If your item doesn’t sell, and we think it just needs more time on the market, we'll adjust the price a bit and relist it. If we have tried several listings and feel buyers just aren't interested, or the price reduces to lower than you prefer to sell at, you can always pick up the item, or if you prefer, we will donate your item to a local charity.

Can I set a minimum selling price for my item?

Yes, based on the research, we'll work with you to establish a pricing and selling strategy that will bring the most for your item. If you have a high-demand item that will do well at auction, we recommend a low opening price to encourage early bidding. While higher opening bids provide a “safety net” below which an item will not sell, they can limit bidding activity.

When can I expect to receive my check?

Typically, you will receive a check about 4-6 weeks from the date you dropped off your item. Please note that buyers who delay in paying for your item will cause delays in our timing for sending out your check. In addition, occasionally a winning bidder may never pay for your item. In this case, we will cancel the original auction and re-list your item for free. Your check amount and payment timing will be based on the results of this new sale.